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Orchard Home Interiors was founded by Shelley Gardner who has improved her own homes along with those of her friends and family, through home styling and furniture revival and gone on to reap the benefits from home staging before moving to her next home. 

Shelley has always had a passion for interior design and decorating properties. Whilst this wasn't her main career, she has always taken a keen interest in, and kept up to date with, the latest trends and schemes. 

She has also successfully used this know how in her own homes (including rental properties, fixer uppers and new builds) and most recently in the self build that she completed with her husband last year.

After project managing that self build, and the compliments from friends, neighbours, various trades and property experts, Shelley decided to create Orchard Home Interiors and hasn't looked back since. 


Hand drawn house print by Molly Moo Designs

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